Textile Friction
Tsunami memories on silk and sand
Baan Nam Kehm, Thailand 2019

Sketch 10/5, The Frog King & The Frog Prince for Music Box, on Grimm Fairy Tales 1812-1815

listening the installation by J. Malinowska and C. T. Jasper, Photo Credit: C. Croteau 2018

Recording of KATIK for orchestra at Bailey Hall, Cornell, April 28: Cornell Symphony Orchestra with Adrian Slywotzky

Meaning of Noise 2019–2
16×20 acrylic, Ithaca NY spring 2019

Meaning of Noise 2015–9
5 1/2×8 1/2 Drawing, Ithaca NY 2015-2016 series

Improvisation in Arts Quad, Cornell, 2017