KATIK (2019)

Adrian Slywotzsky and Cornell Symphony Orchestra

2019 Bailey Hall, Ithaca NY

Düşük (2018)

for Momenta Quartet and Cornell Gamelan Ensemble

2018 Cornell Barnes Hall, Ithaca NY

Jinn In The Machine: Battering (2018)

for Distractfold Ensemble

2018 Paine Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge MA

Gerileme (2017)

for Ensemble Adapter

2017 Paine Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge MA

Catalog of Species (2017)

for Ensemble sTem;. voice, clarinet, and piano

“In the Catalog of Species, the soprano (wonderful Meagan Brus) sings Bornean Orangutan vocalization techniques that I composed after detailed listening and an analysis of various archival field recordings reserved at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Unfortunately, the “persons of the forest” are now endangered, birds, and many other species, too. Today, during such an environmental crisis that affects our own species and redefines the concept of risk, isn’t it even more meaningful for us to care for the non-human life, understand what they think, feel, and want to say?” May 31, 2020 | CB

2017 Carriage House, Ithaca NY

Apparition of Ophelia (2017)

Homage to Jacques Derrida. commission by Xak Bjerken for the project in collaboration with Rachel Calloway and Ishion Hutchinson

2017 Barnes Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca NY

Trio V ‘Overpressure: Redefining the Boundaries of the ‘Things’ (2017)

commission for Ariana Kim

2016 Brescia, Italy

String Quartet II: ‘a Wordless Tale Dedicated to the Flying Willendorfs in the Windowless Skies’ (2016)

commission for JACK Quartet

2016 Barnes Hall Cornell University, Ithaca NY

Sinfonietta (2016)

Festival Chamber Orchestra

in memory of Steve Stucky

2016 Barnes Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca NY

Quintet (2013)

Fl. Cem Onerturk, Cl. Nusret Ispir, Vl. Ilayda Etem, Vlc. Gokhan Bagci, and Pno. Tayfun İlhan

2013- Bilkent, Turkey

BONUS TRACK: Evolution (2007)

Classical Guitar: Can Bilir

2012- Bilkent Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall (Turkey Guitar Meeting)

One thought on “Audio

  1. Really into your work! I just heard it recently really, really great stuff. I am an interdisciplinary artist who works with sound/ music. I just found out about your work on a project sign up from Cornell. I’ll check out your soundcloud.

    Best- Jeremy Horseman

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